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  On June 9th, at the request of UAW Local 685 President, Carl Greenwood, Jerome Davison Rapid Response Coordinator from USW (United Steel Workers) presented information on Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to our local membership. The USW, along with the UAW urges opposition to the TPP. For those who could not attend, the Education Committee would like to share an overview of this information received from Jerome Davison, USW below. (To view UAW statements on TPP, visit
USW Oppose the Trans –Pacific Partnership
There has been an awakening in the American public regarding imbalanced trade agreements including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Recent polls show that over 70 percent of Americans feel that elected officials have let the United States “fall behind” other countries that don’t play by the rules because they won’t stand up and do anything about it.
USW members, their families and communities know the impact of bad trade deals, from the over 13,500 steel workers laid off across the steel industry to the 1,400 USW members at Carrier receiving notice earlier this year that their company was moving their jobs to Mexico just to pay lower wages. The ripple effects of job losses like this are then felt throughout the communities they affect, from the pizza parlor to schools and hospitals and the local government – no one is immune to the effects of bad trade deals.


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