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Tipton Transmission Plant Election Results 7/22/14


Caravan F.M. Election Results 7/22/14


School Supply Program
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July August Monthly Meeting Notices 2014

Caravan Group- Notice of Nominations and Elections
7-15-15 Caravan Knights Nominations and Election Notice_1

TTP Notice of Nominations and Elections
7-15-14 Tipton Transmission Plant Nominations and Election Notice_1 (1)

Video: Welcome to UAW Local 42 in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — The UAW today announced the formation of UAW Local 42, a new local union providing representation for employees at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga.

Organized by Volkswagen employees, Local 42 offers workers the opportunity for a voice in the workplace through the German automaker’s “works council” approach to employee engagement. Volkswagen’s business model is premised on employee representation, and Local 42 will represent any interested employees who join the local as members. No employees will be required to join.


“Earlier this year, the UAW was gratified to earn the confidence and support of many Volkswagen team members,” said Dennis Williams, president of the UAW. “At that time, we said we would not give up on these committed and hard-working employees. We’re keeping our promise.”

Groundbreaking of Local 685 Union Hall

President Elect Carl Greenwood and President Rich Boruff break ground for the new Local 685 Hall. There is a new category in the left-hand column of this page titled 'Local 685 Union Hall Construction". Visit this category to see photo updates as the construction progresses.


President Elect Carl Greenwood and President Rich Boruff  and the Executive Board behind them.


Construction of Local 685 Union Hall Begins....

36th UAW Constitutional Convention June 2 - 5, 2014


Photos by Randy Martin, Mike Rankert and Linda Taylor

Local 685 Delegates at the Constitutional Convention

Local 685 Delegate Rick Ward presents the  resolution for: SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS, HONORING OUR VETERANS, at the 36th Constitutional Convention.


Local 685 Delegates Matt Jarvis, Chris Steward, Craig Smith, Rob Seals, and Mike Barger. (Left to Right)


Temporary Union Hall Location
Temp hall location

Union Hall Update

From Rich Boruff, President Local 685:
   I just received the ok to take down what's left of our hall. Mohr's construction is going to do the work. They are UNION! We will use UNION workers for everything that is done to our hall. We will also use UNION to rebuild our UNION home! We are heading in the right direction after this devastating time.
   I would like to thank all my brothers and sisters of 1166 for putting us up during such a hard time. Tyler Sanders is the best buddy a guy could ask for! We are moving to 1767 East Lincoln Road while we are in the recovery process. It's a Fortune Management building off Albright Road. We have rented a 6500 square foot space that will let us get back on our feet. The heat comes on Wednesday. We are working to get our old phone number moved and lines up and running. This will allow us to operate while we get our new hall built. Honestly, your bargaining committee has kicked butt! I couldn't do any of this without them. The retirees have worked every day to restore our home! Hopefully, you can stop by our temporary hall and see where we are after Thanksgiving.

God bless

50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's March in Detroit

 The Civil Rights Committee would like to thank the Local for allowing us to go to Detroit to attend the 50th anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech.

The speech was written at UAW Solidarity House in an office provided to Dr. King by UAW President Walter Reuther. It was read at a march in Detroit before the march in Washington, DC.

We were able to hear speeches from the son of Dr. King, Al Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson and many more.

Again we say “Thank You.”

UAW Local 685 Civil Rights Committee

UAW Campground at Black Lake

  If you and your family like to camp, the UAW Campground at the Education Center at Black Lake, Michigan offers a great value to UAW members and retirees.

Click here for more information and an application: UAW Camping

UAW Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP)

     Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP) benefits for active UAW-represented Chrysler Group LLC seniority employees have been reinstated for classes that began after 1/1/2012. Employees may file a TAP application for job-related, degree seeking courses at nationally and regionally accredited universities. The tuition assistance benefit level provides up to $5000 per calendar year for job related, degree seeking courses.

For more information please log on to:


From all reports we’ve seen, President Obama is going to propose a budget plan this week that is unprecedented for a Democratic president. It will propose a cut to Social Security benefits for seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

It appears the proposed cut will take the form of “chained” CPI—a discredited way of calculating annual cost-of-living increases that does not keep up with actual costs, eating into benefits.

But there’s more. The president’s budget proposal also would require middle-class seniors—people who make $47,000 a year and more—to pay higher Medicare premiums.

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DETROIT – We commend President Obama for his leadership and support for the U.S. auto industry. His actions helped prevent a second Great Depression, saving more than a million American jobs in the process. Domestic automakers have pledged investment in U.S. plants through 2015 that will mean more than 40,000 direct manufacturing jobs in the United States.

The renewed American automotive industry is now America’s No. 1 export sector. The Obama administration, American workers and retirees, and the U.S. automotive industry made tough choices and sacrifices to make this turnaround possible. The automobile sector supports over 3 million good-paying jobs in assembly plants, auto parts manufacturing, repair shops, dealerships and other supporting businesses nationwide. In 2012, U.S. automotive exports totaled $133 billion, an increase of more than $17 billion (14 percent) over 2011. Domestic manufacturing has long been the foundation of a strong middle class, and the automobile industry is the one of the most critical for U.S. manufacturing.

Under the president’s leadership, we are implementing higher fuel efficiency standards from 2017-2025, effectively doubling vehicle fuel efficiency, drastically reducing carbon emissions and creating several hundred thousand jobs. About 50,000 of these jobs will be in auto parts manufacturing and vehicle assembly alone.

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 Vicki Smock, Marcie Walker, and Mike Kemp, Benefits Representative

     Having your beneficiaries up-to-date with Benefit Express is very important! You need to make sure they are on file and/or are correct. In order to do this, call Benefit Express at:

1-888-456-7800 ACTIVE EMPLOYEES
1-888-409-3300 RETIRED EMPLOYEES
or, on the internet, go to :
And follow the instructions to find your own personal information.

Our Local represents approximately 4,500 hourly workers at the Kokomo Transmission Plant, Indiana Transmission Plants 1 & 2, American Food & Vending Services (AFV), Staywell and Caravan Knight. Most of our members build transmissions and transaxles for Chrysler products, while others provide support through food services, healthy lifestyles programs and janitorial services.


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