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Ford Invests $350 Million, Creates or Protects 800 Jobs, Adding New Fuel-Efficient Transmission to Michigan Plant

DEARBORN, Mich., May 19, 2017 – Ford is investing $350 million in its Livonia Transmission Plant, adding a new transmission to expand its lineup of fuel-efficient powertrains as part of the company’s plan to fortify its core automotive business.

The company will create or retain 800 hourly jobs to support production of the new transmission. Ford expects to begin adding jobs late this year, with the majority coming next year and in 2019.

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Guardian: Tesla factory workers reveal pain, injury and stress: 'Everything feels like the future but us'

“You can make it through Monday,” Michael Sanchez a Tesla worker told the Guardian. “You can make it through Tuesday. Come Wednesday, you start to feel something. Thursday is pain. Friday is agonizing. Saturday you’re just making it through the day.”

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We stand with BCTGM Nabisco/Mondelez workers rallying outside the company’s shareholders meeting today. Support union workers, fight for family-sustaining jobs, only buy AMERICAN-made Nabisco snacks!

In July 2015, Nabisco (Mondelez) announced it had decided to invest $130 million in a plant in Salinas, Mexico, instead of investing it in its iconic Southside Chicago Nabisco bakery. Mondelez called on the workers, represented by the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) International Union, to come up with $46 million in annual savings (in perpetuity) at the Chicago facility for the company, or it would take the $130 million planned investment to its Salinas, Mexico bakery.

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Bobbie Billingsley Worked to Help Others

Renee Seals bought a small metal cross to put on the door at UAW Local 112 when her friend Bobbie Billingsley suddenly died in a car accident. The 18-inch cross helped let members know that there wouldn’t be a union meeting that night.

Seals, a quality team member at the Vance, Alabama, Mercedes-Benz plant and a trustee of the local, brought the cross home with her to honor her friend who worked hard in the ongoing drive to bring UAW representation to the facility.

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Town Hall Shows Unity, Community Support

James Martin is on temporary total disability because of the time he spent working at the Fuyao Glass plant in Moraine, Ohio. He suffers from diminished lung capacity that, according to his doctor, was caused by working with isocyanate glues and primers, powerful chemicals which are known to cause asthma and other breathing problems.

Martin’s life has been drastically changed by the fast-growing Chinese company’s inattention to worker health and safety. He knows he would likely still be working if he was represented by the UAW.

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Unfair labor practices charged at Volkswagen's US plant

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The National Labor Relations Board has filed another unfair labor practices complaint against Volkswagen for hiking health insurance premiums and changing working hours of employees who voted for union representation at the German automaker's only U.S. plant.

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May 17 is the Mondelez Shareholders Meeting in Lincolnshire, Ill. (25 miles north of Chicago). BCTGM Nabisco/Mondelez workers, BCTGM local unions, supporters and activists from other AFL-CIO affiliates will be gathering outside of the meeting for a large protest rally. Read more >>>

We are rerunning this story from last year's May-June Solidarity magazine for Mother's Day this year. Mothers are an important part of everyone's life and knowing the power of a union helps them is a solid reminder that the only place women will get equal pay and benefits is when they are in a union.


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On May 10 workers at Volkswagen in Chattanooga, Tennessee, confronted VW leadership at their annual general meeting in Hanover, Germany, to tell VW to stop union busting. You can help support Chattanooga VW workers like UAW Local 42 President Steve Cochran who spoke up at that meeting.

The plant is VW’s only plant without a company-recognized employee union even though more than 70 percent of the skilled-trades workers voted to join the UAW...

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Divots, ball marks, soft fairways, disease, pests, dollar spots, top dressing, aerifcation, irrigation, frost, gophers … and golfers!

While many courses have two or three so-called signature holes that are worthy of brochure status, every hole at Black Lake Golf Club could easily be on the front cover of a magazine promoting the course. That’s one reason it was named Golf Digest’s “100 Greatest Public Courses in America.”

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UAW Local 1302 will hold nominations again for the position of Guide at the next Membership meeting, Monday May 15, 2017 @ 4:20 pm at the Local Union Hall at 413 Arnold Court.




Dear Brothers and Sisters:

  As you know, our Region’s top organizing priority is the Fuyao Glass plant in Moraine, OH, just outside of Dayton. The plant—which now employs over 1,500 production workers—has become the world’s largest automotive glass plant. Fuyao’s low wages, dangerous working conditions, and unfair policies pose a direct threat to two UAW-represented glass plants in the Region—in Crestline, OH and Evansville, IN. On April 30, Fuyao workers held a Town Hall meeting at which they, along with local elected officials and community leaders, challenged the company to respect their right to organize with the UAW. (You can watch video from the meeting here: ).

 Since the Town Hall, Fuyao has stepped up its attacks on workers, lining up articles in the Dayton press and enlisting some local elected officials in the company’s anti-union campaign. Workers have launched an on-line public petition calling on Fuyao to respect workers’ rights to organize, and live up to the promise it made when Ohio taxpayers committed $22 million in state and local subsidies to build the plant. It is extremely important that there’s a strong showing of supporters on this petition.

 I am asking you to reach deep into your membership to collect signatures for this on-line petition, which you can find at If your Local has a Facebook page, a web page or an e-mail list of activists, these would all be good ways to get the word out this week to your membership.

 Thank you for your support and assistance on this very important matter.

Ken Lortz,

Director Region 2-B, UAW



On a spring Saturday on May 1, 1886, workers at 13,000 businesses across America took a stand against dangerous work and low wages, and for an eight-hour workday. Read more >>>

Virtually everything working people have gained to improve health and retirement security since the 1940s is now at risk, including Medicare, Medicaid, workplace health plans, the Affordable Care Act and Social Security.

Republicans in Congress are rushing to approve legislation that effectively would end these programs without providing a replacement for the 30 million Americans who will become uninsured.

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The subject of the 2017 essay is:
“What has the UAW done for you in the past and what do you expect from the UAW in the Future”.

The applicant must be a high school graduating senior and the dependent
of a member of UAW Local 292, 685, 1166, or 1302.
This application must be postmarked no later than May 3, 2017.
Judging will be on May 10, 2014, and awarded on May 24, 2017.
 I am happy to provide the Essay materials or please join us at the Monthly CAP Meetings on the 4th Wednesday each month to participate.




The new Legal Services Plan is called the UAW-FCA-Ford-General Motors Legal Services Plan (“Plan”).

Effective Wednesday, January 25, the Plan will begin taking new cases. A new case can be opened by calling this toll-free number: 800-482-7700.

Eligible participants in the Plan will include active and retired UAW-represented employees at FCA, Ford and General Motors and their surviving spouses.

What legal services or matters will be covered by the Plan?

The Plan will offer an “office work” benefit, which will provide services for the following types of legal matters:

wills and trusts

powers of attorney

purchase or sale and other uncontested issues regarding residential real property


uncontested family matters

credit reporting

contracts for goods or services

residential leases

birth or marriage certificates

name changes

“Office work” services will include advice, document preparation, document review, factual and legal research, and correspondence.

No representation will be provided by the Plan in court or in any litigation situation.


In addition to office work services, the Plan does provide UAW members and retirees with full representation, including attendance at hearings, for Social Security disability applications, suspensions and terminations.

For many legal matters that are not covered under the new Plan, or that require court activity, the Plan intake staff can still process a participant’s inquiries. Such matters will be referred to outside private cooperating attorneys, who will provide legal services to Plan participants at a reduced legal rate.

Join us on for a Rally on Saturday November 5 at 4:00-4:45pm at the Carver Community Center at 1030 N. Purdum Street, Kokomo, IN Indiana Governors Race Candidates John Gregg and Christina Hale Moving Indiana Forward Bus Tour is coming to Kokomo!



UAW WALK Saturday, October 29th Saturday, November 5th 10:00 am – 1:00 pm 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm Locations:

Operating Engineers 150 2193 W 84th Place, Merrillville, IN #773-751-9531

USW 6787 1100 Max Mochal Hwy, Chesterton, IN #773-751-9531

USW 1010 7047 Grand Ave, Hammond, IN #773-751-9531

St. Joseph Co Democratic HQ 135 S Lafayette Blvd, South Bend, IN #574-520-2325

Elkhart Co Democratic HQ 115 E Lexington, Elkhart, IN #574-520-2325

LaPorte Co Democratic HQ 708 Jefferson Ave, LaPorte, IN #574-520-2325

Allen Co Democratic HQ 7301 Decatur Rd, Ft Wayne, IN #574-551-5528

Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 166 2930 W Ludwig Rd, Ft Wayne, IN #574-551-5528

USW Local 115A 2555 S 30th, Lafayette, IN #260-519-2905

USW Local 2958 420 N Main St, Kokomo, IN #260-519-2905

Hamilton Co Democratic HQ 7450 Fishers Station Dr., Fishers, IN #317-809-5152

UAW Local 1963 2840 Madison Ave, Anderson, IN #317-809-5152

Delaware Co Democratic HQ 214 N Walnut St, Muncie, IN #317-809-5152

Marion Co Gregg/Bayh HQ 2601 E 46th St, Indianapolis, IN #317-809-5152

IBEW 481 1828 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN #317-809-5152

Gregg HQ – Evansville 1010 Sycamore St, Evansville, IN #812-606-2332

Terre Haute Democratic HQ 120 Cherry St, Terre Haute, IN #812-606-2332

Floyd Co Democratic HQ 312 Bank St, New Albany, IN #317-840-9551

Monroe Co Democratic HQ 501 N Walnut St, Bloomington, IN #317-840-9551



July 11, 2016

Subject: Tele-town Hall Call —

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 On Tuesday, July 19th at 7:00 p.m.,

UAW President Dennis Williams will host a tele-town hall call with for local union leaders. This call will be to discuss strategy and messaging leaders should use during the upcoming election cycle. As local union leaders, we rely on you to share information with our membership. Our participation on this call is extremely important. And we will be using this experience to better represent our Memership during this election cycle. You will receive a confirmation email once you register. It's our time! In solidarity,

Greetings Bothers and Sisters,

This letter is to inform all local unions of an urgent health and safety issue in need of attention. Just today we received another heartbreaking report of a Brother who received life threatening injuries when a press cycled during a servicing task. He is in serious condition and may lose his arms or worse, his life; and this is not an isolated incident.

There is an epidemic of injuries across the country and our membership is on the front lines. As of January 2015 new regulations require notification of OSHA in the event of an amputation or hospitalization. Since the requirement went into effect, there have been many thousands of injuries reported. Many locations are facing OSHA inspections because of these serious accidents.

In the last 24 months, five UAW members lost their lives because of faulty energy control procedures (Lockout/Tagout), machine guarding failures and failure to follow safety procedures. These issues need our Union’s collective and concerted effort to safeguard our members. To that end we must:

- Involve the union safety committee in Lockout/Tagout review.

- Consult every worker who conducts servicing tasks on how to improve the lockout system and robot cell entry procedures. Ask the question, “Which tasks involve risk and what tasks make the hair on the back of your neck stand up?”; then eliminate those risky activities.

- Production workers who must unjam equipment or interact with robotics must have control measures and guarding in place to protect them. No one should be entering a robot cell without being fully protected. No body part should be placed in machinery unless lockout is performed.

- Push management for updated controls such as inherently safe circuits on logic controllers, up-to-date e-stops that meet the latest ANSI standards and inherently safe robot cell entry procedures.

- Use effective energy control procedures and stop the inappropriate use of light curtains, presence sensing devices or gate interlocks for lockout.

I am calling on all Locals to work with your health and safety reps to ensure that workers who are involved in operating, servicing and doing maintenance tasks be protected. OSHA requires specific lockout procedures for each machine and robot cell. These lockout procedures must be reviewed annually. Let’s make this annual audit count by gathering information from workers who are exposed and work to change any procedures that constitute a hazard to the membership.

Remember, it is the responsibility of all members to first follow safety procedures.

UAW represented facilities take great pride in efficiency and continuous improvement. But the Union’s support of modern operating agreements that include flexibility and team work does not mean that we eliminate safety resources. If lockout takes time away from production so be it; we cannot cut corners and perform unsafe work. The cost of life and limb is too high.

In solidarity,

Dennis D. Williams


UAW leader Marc Stepp dies at age 93: 'a legend'

Born Jan. 31, 1923, in Versailles, Ky, his family moved to Evansville when he was 11, according to the Walter P. Reuther Library. Marc Stepp took a bus to Detroit after graduating from high school in Evansville, Ind., in the 1940s looking for opportunity, according to historical documents at the Walter P. Reuther Library at Wayne State University. He found it. He was drafted in 1943 after working a number of jobs in the Detroit area. Following Military service in the Army Air Corps, he returned to Detroit. He enrolled in trade school before working at the Chrysler Highland Park, where he worked for 19 years. “He had a confident, steady way of talking and of attempting to put things together that gave people confidence that he knew what he was doing” said Paul Massaron, a long time UAW staffer. Stepp served as a UAW vice president and director of the union’s Chrysler Department from 1974 to 1989.

Stepp, who died Friday June 3rd at the age of 93, was active in Detroit politics in the 1960s and rose through the ranks of the UAW to hold the position of vice president from 1974-89. He became the second African-American to serve on the UAW's International Executive Board. In the UAW, a vice president is elected by union delegates and outranked only by the union's president. He was the first African American to lead negotiations at a Detroit automaker. He was a strong civil rights leader and quite influential in longtime Congressman John Conyers' early political career. He was a key player in 1979 when Chrysler and the UAW successfully lobbied Congress for a $1.5-billion emergency loan guarantees to save the automaker. ‘Marc Stepp was, simply stated, a legend in the UAW’ said Mike Smith of the University of Michigan's Bentley Historical Library. “He was a significant African American leader in the UAW...during an era when the UAW had 1.5 million members and serious national political clout.

” Stepp advocated for health care for the poor and disadvantaged. He was involved in the establishment of the Community Health Association, later renamed HAP, in the 1960s. In 1979, Stepp along with then UAW President Douglas Fraser and Chrysler CEO Lee Iaccoca, lobbied Congress for the $1.5 billion in loan guarantees. Chrysler was facing severe financial distress and headed toward bankruptcy. Stepp also had to convince UAW members to accept steep concessions in contract negotiations in 1979 that saved the automaker $462.5 million. “The UAW International Executive Board is saddened about the passing of our brother Marc Stepp, whom we will always remember as a trailblazer, a beloved union leader and a committed community activist” UAW President Dennis Williams said in a statement today.

Members are Welcome to seek this opportunity to attend: The 2016 Region 2-B, UAW Leadership Institute will be held at the Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center in Onaway, Michigan. The Leadership Institute will be held on two separate weeks, please indicate your preference on the registration form. Sunday, July 24 – Friday, July 29 Sunday, September 18 – Friday, September 23

Delegates should plan to arrive at the Center between 2 and 4 p.m. on Sunday, and depart after breakfast on Friday. Your timely response is important as last year we had a waiting list. Registration fees and deadlines to register: REGISTRATION FEE: $625 JULY 24 – 29 - DEADLINE TO REGISTER - JUNE 17, 2016 SEPTEMBER 18 – 23 - DEADLINE TO REGISTER - AUGUST 12, 2016



The policy is being renewed in an effort to keep all employees safe. It is believed that the use of mobile communication and entertainment devices while performing other tasks can raise potential hazards. For the safety of everyone at our FCA facilities, please adhere to the attached guidelines effective immediately!

The use of cell phones and other personal devices are proven to create a significant distraction. These distractions can have major consequences and may result in injury:

• Distracting you from the hazards of your surroundings;

• Creating hazardous situations causing injury to yourself or others; • Putting yourself in the hole and missing elements or working out of sequence;

• Rushing to catch up or get ahead;

In the first phase of this rollout, from 5/9/16 to 6/5/16, discipline will not be issued for misunderstandings of this detailed policy. However, blatant disregard for the policy will result in discussion with Management and Leadership on appropriate corrective action. Please use this time to coach and advise employees of the policy. Once the policy is officially effective on June 6, 2016, full enforcement will be expected, including discipline in accordance with the National Agreement.

Hands free and earpiece type equipment (anything other than handheld) are prohibited in manufacturing, production, dock and warehouse areas at all times. These devices may ONLY be used at break times in break areas. If not in a break area at break time, these devices may not even be worn/visible.

  • The only exception is head sets for tours, this is because there are other safety precautions in place when tours are ongoing

For use of cellular or entertainment handheld devices, you must stop in a safe place away from moving PIVs or equipment. These devices may not even be visible when you are operating a vehicle, any equipment, or while working in a job station.

Corporate Policy S-59 “Plant Usage of Mobile Communication & Entertainment Devices“ will be revised to reflect this information by May 31, 2016. In addition, the specific policy will be revised to reflect corporate policy and any additional requirements set by plant leadership.


Our Members were given the opportunity to come openly to our Union Hall after 3:30 on April 21st to raise questions and concerns, have discussion, pick up literature and more. Thank you to everyone that stopped in and recieved printed materials. There were newer concerns regarding the application of Casual Absence (PERE and ILLE) lost time towards time and one half overtime pay. Many of our Members have recieved information from Management about this subject. Yes, this was agreed by the International and the Company a few years ago on Casual Absence being non-worked time and that Casual Absence lost time is not applied towards the 40 hour requirement for time and one half overtime pay. This was discussed at the last Union Meeting as well. Please know that other National Contract paid time items on lost time; such as Bereavement, Jury Duty, Vacation, UBUS and short term Military Duty do apply toward the 40 hour requirement for 1 1/2 time pay for overtime. Double Time pay for Sunday and Holidays remains intact.

There was also discussion on the possibility of a UAW Local 1302 Summer Event which could be a Kokomo Jack Rabbits Baseball game. We work in a great community and Union visibility and attendance at a game or two seems to be supported.

Please make your desire to have a copy of the UAW Constituion known to our Financial Secretary as this is the Elected Official responsible for providing this valuable resource. Knowing the Constitution is more than Union right or obligation; this information details the operations of the International and Local Unions. Cost to the Local Union $1; it's a bargain.

Copies of the UAW Local 1302 Bylwas are also available for Members at your request.

We are happy to make these available.



The Richard T. Gosser Scholarship Program applications and rules are found on the UAW Region 2B HOME page  for the daughters and sons of UAW Region 2B members graduating from high school. These prestigious $10,000 awards are based on test. scores, class rank, extra-curricular activities, letters of recommendation, personality traits and leadership abilities. $1,000 Awards are also provided to the next winners in order. Please refer to and understand all of the rules scholarship program and plan as needed for participation.

The next deadline is always annually on Oct 15 as noted by the rules. Good luck Brothers and Sisters. (please read on)

UAW employees, Officers and Members to wear red on Wednesdays
UAW employees and officers will be wearing red every Wednesday to show their support for public sector workers under attack by anti-worker anti-union governors and lawmakers who are pushing policies that is wrecking America’s middle class.
UAW offices and represented locations throughout the nation; The union is encouraging its members to wear red on Wednesdays to show solidarity with public sector workers.
“We're asking staff, clerical employees, and members to wear red as a weekly symbol of what we’re fighting for: the right to exercise one’s First Amendment right to freely associate and join a union as well as the right to collectively bargain with public employers,” said UAW President Bob King.

“Overview of the UAW” Presented by UAW Locals 1166, 1302, 685 and by Region 2B
Joint L. U. Education Classes for UAW Locals 1302 & 1166 & 685 employees

Held at Kokomo UAW Local Union Halls as identified below:

 UAW Local 1166 Union Hall Located at 2761 North 50 East (near ITP Plants)

UAW Local 1302/292 Union Hall @ 1201 West Alto Kokomo

Sessions will be all day; scheduled monthly. Any concerns call 765-454-1302

UAW Local 1302 has finally been able to greet the Resident Engineers at the Kokomo Casting Plant as new members within Unit 4; we are proud to represent these co-workers through the successful organizing efforts during 2013.

UAW V-CAP is the voluntary program for the legislative support within the UAW: since we cannot generally use any dues collection for political purposes, we can donate to UAW CAP and build our support.

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