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UAW Bowling Championships Feature Tough Competition, Family Fun

Bowling is serious business for many UAW members. You could tell by the concentration, determination, frustration and exhilaration on the bowlers’ faces as they competed in the UAW International Bowling Tournament...

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Statement from UAW President Dennis Williams on Charlottesville

“The events in Charlottesville this weekend will long serve as a reminder that time has a way of washing away the tears of the past where hate bullied many Americans both in society and in the workplace through intolerance.

“The UAW condemns the hate and intolerance of the alt-right groups that led to such violence in Charlottesville. Every woman and every man is equal in their civil and workplace rights regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation in society and in the workplace. We cannot take our freedom for granted, and we cannot forget the lessons that history forged through the sacrifice of many brave Americans in our military, in labor and in our civil rights struggles to secure those freedoms.”


Let’s Have a Trade Agreement that Benefits Working Families

Independent presidential candidate Ross Perot in 1992 predicted there would be a “giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving the United States if the then-proposed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was approved...

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GOP Budget Cuts Only Benefit the Wealthy, Corporations

In today’s hyper-partisan political environment and 24- hour news cycle, avoiding distraction and keeping track of the decisions our elected leaders make can be next to impossible. The actions of Congress and the president impact the safety of our work environments, our wages, affordability of our health care, access to job training, quality of our children’s education, and so much more. It is for these reasons that we must make sure our voices are heard by our leaders...

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DETROIT, MICH. – The UAW International Executive Board (IEB) on Tuesday passed a resolution calling for the release of unjustly charged and imprisoned trade unionists in South Korea, including President Han Sang-gyun of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and KCTU General Secretary, Lee Young-joo. Specifically, the resolution calls on the Government of the Republic of Korea to “rescind all sentences and drop all charges against trade unionists that are related to peaceful protest, including those against President Han and General Secretary Lee...” Read more >>>

The 2016 elections are over; and, as you know, Mr. Trump and the Republicans now control the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, Supreme Court, and the White House. As a group they have wasted little time in trying to change health care, trade, immigration, and Social Security.

You, as UAW retirees, have fought long and hard for the benefits many working families currently enjoy. But these items, along with many others, are under attack. The UAW continues to lobby and fight, through the court system, to protect these issues along with collective bargaining rights, rights to organize and the right to peacefully assemble so our voices can be heard...

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UAW President: My Union Suffered Some Setbacks, Here's What We're Doing About Them

 The UAW has a proud history in the south with more than 55,000 active members and 60,000 retirees. Last year alone more than 1,323 workers in the south voted to join the UAW, including Volkswagen workers in Tennessee who came back after a defeat in 2014 and voted to join us. The reason for their support is clear: the UAW delivers for our members.

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 A New Trade Deal Needs a New Focus

In 1979, Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination and in his speech he called for a “North American accord” which he said will produce “a North American continent in which the goods and people of the three countries will cross boundaries more freely.” It would take more than a decade for Reagan’s idea to come to fruition, but after Congress passed the Trade and Tariff Act of 1984 giving the president “fast-track” authority to negotiate free trade, Reagan could pursue his vision. Reagan passed the baton to President George H.W. Bush who continued negotiations with Mexico and Canada for a trade deal...

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 √ We are and have been in the U.S. South

  • Over 55,000 UAW Members reside in communities throughout the South
  • Over 66,000 UAW retirees in the south
  • Over 13% of all active UAW Members are in the South

We are organizing in the South – it’s not just high-profile

  • Over the past year Five southern locals have joined the UAW with over 1,323 members in Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky.
  • Almost 3,000 organized since the VW vote in 2014.
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Statement from UAW President Dennis Williams on Nissan Vote

 “The courageous workers of Nissan, who fought tirelessly for union representation alongside community and civil-rights leaders, should be proud of their efforts to be represented by the UAW. The result of the election was a setback for these workers, the UAW and working Americans everywhere, but in no way should it be considered a defeat.

“Perhaps recognizing they couldn’t keep their workers from joining our union based on the facts, Nissan and its anti-worker allies ran a vicious campaign against its own workforce that was comprised of intense scare tactics, misinformation and intimidation.

“American workers need champions more than ever. The workers of Nissan deserve to have the job security, safe working conditions and collective bargaining power that come only from belonging to a union. The UAW will continue to be on the frontlines of that fight for all workers.”

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

  As you know, our Region’s top organizing priority is the Fuyao Glass plant in Moraine, OH, just outside of Dayton. The plant—which now employs over 1,500 production workers—has become the world’s largest automotive glass plant. Fuyao’s low wages, dangerous working conditions, and unfair policies pose a direct threat to two UAW-represented glass plants in the Region—in Crestline, OH and Evansville, IN. On April 30, Fuyao workers held a Town Hall meeting at which they, along with local elected officials and community leaders, challenged the company to respect their right to organize with the UAW. (You can watch video from the meeting here: ).

 Since the Town Hall, Fuyao has stepped up its attacks on workers, lining up articles in the Dayton press and enlisting some local elected officials in the company’s anti-union campaign. Workers have launched an on-line public petition calling on Fuyao to respect workers’ rights to organize, and live up to the promise it made when Ohio taxpayers committed $22 million in state and local subsidies to build the plant. It is extremely important that there’s a strong showing of supporters on this petition.

 I am asking you to reach deep into your membership to collect signatures for this on-line petition, which you can find at If your Local has a Facebook page, a web page or an e-mail list of activists, these would all be good ways to get the word out this week to your membership.

 Thank you for your support and assistance on this very important matter.

Ken Lortz,

Director Region 2-B, UAW




The new Legal Services Plan is called the UAW-FCA-Ford-General Motors Legal Services Plan (“Plan”).

Effective Wednesday, January 25, the Plan will begin taking new cases. A new case can be opened by calling this toll-free number: 800-482-7700.

Eligible participants in the Plan will include active and retired UAW-represented employees at FCA, Ford and General Motors and their surviving spouses.

What legal services or matters will be covered by the Plan?

The Plan will offer an “office work” benefit, which will provide services for the following types of legal matters:

wills and trusts

powers of attorney

purchase or sale and other uncontested issues regarding residential real property


uncontested family matters

credit reporting

contracts for goods or services

residential leases

birth or marriage certificates

name changes

“Office work” services will include advice, document preparation, document review, factual and legal research, and correspondence.

No representation will be provided by the Plan in court or in any litigation situation.


In addition to office work services, the Plan does provide UAW members and retirees with full representation, including attendance at hearings, for Social Security disability applications, suspensions and terminations.

For many legal matters that are not covered under the new Plan, or that require court activity, the Plan intake staff can still process a participant’s inquiries. Such matters will be referred to outside private cooperating attorneys, who will provide legal services to Plan participants at a reduced legal rate.



The policy is being renewed in an effort to keep all employees safe. It is believed that the use of mobile communication and entertainment devices while performing other tasks can raise potential hazards. For the safety of everyone at our FCA facilities, please adhere to the attached guidelines effective immediately!

The use of cell phones and other personal devices are proven to create a significant distraction. These distractions can have major consequences and may result in injury:

• Distracting you from the hazards of your surroundings;

• Creating hazardous situations causing injury to yourself or others; • Putting yourself in the hole and missing elements or working out of sequence;

• Rushing to catch up or get ahead;

In the first phase of this rollout, from 5/9/16 to 6/5/16, discipline will not be issued for misunderstandings of this detailed policy. However, blatant disregard for the policy will result in discussion with Management and Leadership on appropriate corrective action. Please use this time to coach and advise employees of the policy. Once the policy is officially effective on June 6, 2016, full enforcement will be expected, including discipline in accordance with the National Agreement.

Hands free and earpiece type equipment (anything other than handheld) are prohibited in manufacturing, production, dock and warehouse areas at all times. These devices may ONLY be used at break times in break areas. If not in a break area at break time, these devices may not even be worn/visible.

  • The only exception is head sets for tours, this is because there are other safety precautions in place when tours are ongoing

For use of cellular or entertainment handheld devices, you must stop in a safe place away from moving PIVs or equipment. These devices may not even be visible when you are operating a vehicle, any equipment, or while working in a job station.

Corporate Policy S-59 “Plant Usage of Mobile Communication & Entertainment Devices“ will be revised to reflect this information by May 31, 2016. In addition, the specific policy will be revised to reflect corporate policy and any additional requirements set by plant leadership.


Please make your desire to have a copy of the UAW Constituion known to our Financial Secretary as this is the Elected Official responsible for providing this valuable resource. Knowing the Constitution is more than Union right or obligation; this information details the operations of the International and Local Unions. Cost to the Local Union $1; it's a bargain.

Copies of the UAW Local 1302 Bylwas are also available for Members at your request.

We are happy to make these available.



UAW employees, Officers and Members to wear red on Wednesdays
UAW employees and officers will be wearing red every Wednesday to show their support for public sector workers under attack by anti-worker anti-union governors and lawmakers who are pushing policies that is wrecking America’s middle class.
UAW offices and represented locations throughout the nation; The union is encouraging its members to wear red on Wednesdays to show solidarity with public sector workers.
“We're asking staff, clerical employees, and members to wear red as a weekly symbol of what we’re fighting for: the right to exercise one’s First Amendment right to freely associate and join a union as well as the right to collectively bargain with public employers,” said UAW President Bob King.

UAW Local 1302 has finally been able to greet the Resident Engineers at the Kokomo Casting Plant as new members within Unit 4; we are proud to represent these co-workers through the successful organizing efforts during 2013.

UAW V-CAP is the voluntary program for the legislative support within the UAW: since we cannot generally use any dues collection for political purposes, we can donate to UAW CAP and build our support.

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